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Supply Chain Jacket (Denim)

Supply Chain Jacket (Denim)

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We traced the production of the fabric that is used in this jacket, from cotton to finished fabric rolls. Both fabrics were made with yarn from a factory that uses no virgin cotton; the cotton fully comes from industrial waste. They are then prepared, woven, and finished in another local factory.

Along the way, the logos that caught our eyes were documented, traced, and embroidered on the jacket. From hazardous chemical packagings, bearing boxes, even 30-years-old million dollar machines.

In a way all of these products and companies helped sponsor the production of this fabric, so wouldn't it be cool to turn them all into a racing-inspired jacket, with the suppliers as sponsors?


The jacket fits slim and short, please check the measurements before purchase

The fabric used in this jacket is still in it's raw, unsanforized state. You can use it hard and let it age gracefully, or, we can process it through our laundry facility, getting rid of the starch and rigidness, while shrinking it about 2cm all around (around 1 full size)

If you'd like us to do that, order 1 size bigger than usual, let us know after the purchase, and give us a couple of days to process it.

Prices are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
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