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Pink + White Necklace

Pink + White Necklace

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This object uses one of our favorite line from Frank Ocean's Blonde album:

"You text nothing like you look."

On it’s own, it’s not really impactful, but put into context, the line hits hard. The song itself (‘Good Guy’) is short and sparse, just raw distorted vocal over 3 chords on a Wurlitzer. So it only made this unusual line stands out even more.

We went through 4 different vendors until we finally found one that's up to our standards. It's still not perfect but these are all handmade from start to finish and imperfections are inevitable.

As for the rejects, we'll ship it to you along with your necklace order (as stocks last)! So you can see the improvements with each iteration, and cringe through it like we did. Then maybe put it on your keychain or whatever.

Material: Brass

Necklace: 2mm Ball chain, 60cm long

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