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Foreword T-shirt

Foreword T-shirt

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In 1921, Ludwig Wittgenstein published the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, the only book to be published during his lifetime. The book claims to solve ALL problems in philosophy. Imagine that, two thousand years of discourse, answered in just 75 pages, written like he’s rambling on Twitter.

Then.. mic drop. He quit philosophy and went on to live by himself. Working as a Primary school teacher, architect, even a gardener’s assistant in a monastery.

This T-shirt was inspired by that book.

Unfortunately, in a letter to his publisher, Wittgenstein described the Tractatus as follows: “my work consists of two parts, the one presented here, plus all that I have NOT written. And it is precisely this second part that is the important point."

It's been 102 years since then and we're still arguing over what he meant by that second part. Help.
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