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Gossip T-Shirt

Gossip T-Shirt

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Robin Dunbar wrote this in the conclusion for his 2004 research article titled "Gossip in Evolutionary Perspective.":

“I have argued that gossip, in the broad sense of conversation about social and personal top-ics, is a fundamental prerequisite of the human condition. Were we not able to engage in discussions of these issues, we would not be able to sustain the kinds of societies that we do.”

Basically he said that our ancestors were able to form and sustain societies because of their ability to gossip. They evolved, survived, and conquered the world in a blink of an eye because they could gossip!

For someone whose only exposure to gossip was through tabloids and celebrities, we found it hilarious that something that was associated with sensationalism rather than objective journalism served a more noble purpose for our ancestors.

So we thought to ourselves: wouldn't it be cool if we take the visual cues of the prevalent celebrities tabloids, but instead of the corny headlines and paparazzi photos, we put poetry and art on it, maybe make it beautiful?

So we made a couple designs. And printed it out on a canvas fabric. And then the design was cut, the edges cleaned up, and then it was stitched on the t-shirt.

Looking back on it, we don't think it was the brightest idea. It'll be easier and cheaper to just print the design on the t-shirt directly. But that'll be too easy and you'll lose the feel of tabloid cover flapping around your chest.

So here you go, hope you enjoy!
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